By The Scarsdale Dentist
June 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedure
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You know your smile could use a little enhancement. You have a chipped front tooth and a few small, but unsightly, gaps between some bottom Veneersteeth. Thankfully, the teeth are healthy, but you'd like them to look their very best. Dr. Jeffrey Pike, your Westchester dentist, uses porcelain veneers to cover those little annoying flaws that add up to a less than perfect smile. In just two visits to The Scarsdale Dentist, you could receive a permanent and dramatically beautiful change to your teeth.

What are porcelain veneers?

They are super-thin, tooth-colored and tooth-shaped shells of high-quality porcelain. Made according to your Westchester dentist's specific instructions, veneers are bonded permanently to the front of teeth marred by deep stains, gaps, crowding, odd shape, hairline cracks and chips that are too large for composite resin repair.

To decide if porcelain veneers are the right cosmetic choice, Dr. Pike visually inspects the patient's teeth and gums and takes X-rays. This examination ensures the individual's mouth is healthy enough for treatment with veneers.

With a decision made to go ahead, Dr. Pike removes a small portion of enamel from each tooth. This resurfacing ensures a strong bond and a good fit with the new veneers. Also, the dentist takes digital impressions and sends a treatment plan to an outside dental lab where the veneers are fabricated one by one. To protect the teeth in the meantime, he places temporary veneers which remain in place until the permanent ones are fitted and bonded.

On the return visit to The Scarsdale Dentist, Dr. Pike removes the temporary veneers. He uses a special adhesive to attach the veneers. This "glue" is exceptionally strong and helps the doctor match the color of the veneers to surrounding teeth.

Basically, that's all the veneer procedure involves. At-home care is the same as with untreated teeth: brush twice a day for two minutes with a soft brush according to the guidelines set by the American Dental Association. Also, floss once a day to keep teeth and gums free of plaque and tartar.

They have many advantages

In short, porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile and lifelike cosmetic dental treatments offered by today's finest cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Pike. This Westchester dentist also praises porcelain veneers for their:

  • Individualized smile improvement
  • Natural appearance
  • Use with other cosmetic treatments such as porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, and composite resin bonding
  • Durability (with good care, they last ten years or more)
  • Quick and dramatic results

Looking for an improved smile?

If you want to show a big, bright smile you can be proud of, contact The Scarsdale Dentist and his team for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Bring your questions and your smile goals, and Dr. Pike will devise a treatment plan just right for you. For an appointment, please call (914) 725-0707.