How to Maintain Your Whitened and Dazzling Teeth

After you come into our office to receive our ZOOM! Whitening treatment the next steps in maintaining your new movie-star quality smile will be in your home and daily habits.

Keeping those new pearly whites from losing their luster and becoming dingy requires work and care from you.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your snowy smile:

Tip #1 - Go on a white-teeth diet

There are sneaky things out there that are out to destroy your beautiful smile with their underhanded staining ways. Foods that are rich in pigment, such as blueberries, pomegranates, or that gone-horribly-wrong blue soup you made last Christmas, will put a damper on your new bright white teeth.

Drinks are no different. Dark juices and red wines can also be a hazard to your smile, but this doesn’t mean you have give these things up completely. You can still have that Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a perfectly seasoned New York steak as long as you make sure to use a straw whenever possible (maybe not the classiest move in a five star restaurant), but this helps keep the dark staining pigment away from the teeth.

Whenever you do indulge in any of these “bummer because they damage your smile” foods, make sure you brush your chops immediately after. Brushing will help keep the pigment from finding a permanent home on your teeth, which can turn your new smile into a new frown.

Tip #2 -  Just say NO to nicotine

The health reasons for staying away from nicotine are endless, but when it come to your teeth and oral hygiene the damage is visible and just no fun. Retiring to the lounge after a delicious seven course dinner to banter about money, life, and whatnot and enjoy a cigar or two can have lasting effects on the luster of your magnificent and professionally whitened teeth. Nicotine in all forms, cigarettes, cigars, snuff, and chew, can cause your teeth to go from dazzling to dull. Try to avoid them to keep your teeth white and bright.

Tip #3 - Dental hygiene 101

This is the most important part of maintaining your flashy new smile. Having proper oral hygiene habits can make or break the sparkle of your teeth. Brushing should be a no brainer. Make sure you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day and, ideally, after you have had any foods that may stain your teeth.

The next important part is flossing. Many people skip this step, but letting annoying little morsels remain in their comfy-cozy home between your teeth can take its toll on the coloring and health of your teeth. Flossing each night can prevent gum disease and plaque buildup, so make this a nightly ritual for the sake of your mouth.

Last, but certainly not least, is to have regular visits to our office. We can make sure that your teeth are happy, healthy, and keep their radiance with each professional visit.

Oral hygiene is important to your all-around general health. Many people spend hours at the gym making sure their bodies are healthy and looking good. Your mouth requires and deserves that same attention to make sure it maintains that “in-shape” look. When you keep your teeth happy, you keep yourself happy. And who doesn’t like being happy?